a new season

We are a busy family.  5 children and mom and dad who are all quite social.  we love to go out, down to the square and just hang out, listen to the music.  I enjoy taking the kids to different events – library, gymnastics.  And that’s to say nothing of church!

Well, it is time for a change.  The Lord is doing a new work in my heart.  He’s changing priorities.  Time to slow down. Just enjoy being who we are as a family. 

I must say that at first, my thoughts on the matter where not real good.  But, as the Lord always tends to do, He began to change my heart.  Instead of feeling like I was being “punished” not being able to go out, I am actually getting excited about being home more.  Time to slow down.  Time to prepare my home for being home.  Time to just enjoy the kids without all the extra stuff.

Part of this new season of life includes me blogging, keeping a journal, whatever…. I need to record my thoughts, my ideas, the lessons I am learning and the grace and goodness of God in my life.  He has blessed me so much, and yet in the midst of daily life, I can become forgetful.  So this is part of my attempt to not forget.

Off we go on another leg of this journey called life!

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