“Mother Culture”

I read the chapter titled “Mother Culture” from this great book. (Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola).  The idea is as a mom, although I may be extremely busy, I must take time to edify and encourage myself.  Of course, this must start with the Lord.  Time with Him, to hear His heart; know His presence; be refreshed by His Spirit and Word; receive direction, encouragement and yes, discipline too. In addition though, time to pursue those things that are of interest to me.  Reading – continuing to learn and grow myself.  Being outdoors – enjoying God’s creation for my self.  Whatever else…

When I do, I am refreshed and am able to refresh others.  My husband, my children.  Without it, I can become a mean old ogre! 

I was recently extremely convicted upon reading an article entitled “The Me Time Myth”. (haven’t figured out how to link to it yet) http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/Raisingarrows/432782/

Balance….most definately need balance. I want to be ready to greet my children with a loving embrace, a warm smile and an encouraging word. Lord help me find my strength and joy in Your Presence!


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3 responses to ““Mother Culture”

  1. Great link. Definitely something to think about 🙂

  2. beck

    Oh so true! It’s not about “Me”, it’s about taking some quiet time with the Lord to be refreshed, so I can fulfill my calling as a wife and mother. Andreola also wrote, Simply Grammer. Good book for the older years.
    Love you, beck

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