Time to Get Ready

I am ready, as well as the children.  It is time. 

Since Andrew’s birth, we’ve done a little bit of schooling here and there.  He was born in April, then of course summer came.  We enjoyed many activities at church, the library, downtown.  The plastic pool and sprinklers provided lots of enjoyment in the front yard.

Or, just some “leisurely reading” by Annalisa.  She LOVES to read!  (Yes – that is a dictionary! She’s amazing, I know.)

So I have quite the project ahead of me.  Cleaning out and organizing the school closet, teacher’s and childrens’ desks, the hutch…  But I think my biggest challenge will be figuring out a schedule that works well for 5 little ones.  Emmie doesn’t take morning naps anymore, so this will be a bit tricky! 

“Order presupposes priorities.”  (Karen Andreola)  I’ve been mulling this one over for a couple days.  I think it’s very true.  Combine orderliness with some good established habits, and I can see success in site!

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