bucket ball toss

I really would like to get my kids involved with some more PE kind of activities.  Four of the five are in gymnastics once a week, and 3 have taken swim lessons over the summer.  That’s good, but I don’t want them to be lacking in this area.  Well, while we were outside this morning  I came up with a little game that seemed to go over well.  Annalisa named it “Bucket Ball Toss”.  3 buckets, 2 water balls, 3 kids, 1 mommy and some sidewalk chalk.  Stand behind the line and see if you can get the ball into one of the three buckets, spaced at different distances to acquire points: 5, 10 or 25.  Lessons learned: following instructions (always a good thing to work on); throwing;  aiming; catching (the child who just tossed the balls then moves to the end to throw the ball back to the next person); writing numbers (after they move from the last post, they are the score keeper) and lastly, addition.  So we all had fun and exercised body and mind!  And of course, everyone got otter pops for doing a good job!  

Here’s some pictures of the other outside fun we had!P1110018





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