the race is on!

A fun game that I use to refresh their memories!  It’s like a quiz, just a whole bunch more fun. 

The idea came from “My Father’s World” Curriculum (kindergarten I think).  What’s great is I can adapt the game for everyone to join in.  I make up the questions appropriate for each child, reviewing what we’ve already learned in math, science, history, geography, bible, spelling, even gymnastics.  So although it’s a race to the finish, it’s not really competitive.  (That can sometimes get ugly!)  Plus for a little extra motivation, some answers we use the timer and the more info they can give me, on Benjamin Franklin for example, the more spaces they get to move.  The kids even take turns asking me questions – like “Where is Daddy working today?” or “What are tree branches good for?”  🙂

the race is on!


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2 responses to “the race is on!

  1. Carol

    Tara, I love your game! These children are so blessed with a mother who is creative and smart. I thank the Lord for all your giftings and the fruit will be evident for generations in your family. I’m enjoying your blog – stories AND pictures!

    Love you!

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