Last night I got away for a few moments and had some (much needed) quiet time.  Library and grocery shopping was the primary purpose, but sandwiched in the middle, I had an hour with some warm tea, mostly mellow jazz, my journal and my thoughts.  Lots of chatter all around, but it required nothing from me, nor did I care about it.  Aaaahhh.  I must say I do enjoy those moments.  It was good. 

We started school a couple weeks ago.  I had wanted to have everything laid out, schoolroom freshened, a nice schedule laid out…well, I finally realized that if I waited for that to happen, I would probably never start.  So, I just jumped in and off we went.  That was fine, I did what I had to do.  But, now a couple weeks into it, and it was time for me to sit and evaluate how things are going.  A few questions I asked myself are:  What have I learned about myself, and each of my children?  What works good and what does not work?  What can I change to accomodate the needs of each of my children?  This was really insightful for me to do.  I actually made a list for myself and each child, sighting strong points and areas that need some extra attention.  Made notes of times that work good.  I think about all these things often, but to actually sit, ponder and write it down was really good – for me and I think it will be good for my children too. 

The dynamics of our family are in a continual state of flux.  With a nursing infant, a toddler and three small children, I need to be on my toes!  So, after some evaluation, are school “schedule” is changing, adjusting…again.  My children don’t need just academics.  They need time with me, just as their mommy, not only their teacher.  And I need time with them.  Just to play, to love, to enjoy them.  Then I think they will be able to learn not only the academics, but the importance of love and living life.  And I need to learn the lifelong lesson of being flexible………….!!

Blessed are the flexible, for the shall not be broken.”  Chuck Smith

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