crushed or called

I’ve been mulling this one over for a number of days.

Jesus was looking to get a few moments of quiet with His disciples, but the multitudes followed.  It was so crazy that He had His disciples get a boat ready for Him, just in case the crowd pressed in on him so much that He would be crushed!  He had done so many great things, meeting peoples needs that everyone wanted even more of Him.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not Jesus…but I fill alot of needs around this house.  I’m not supermom either…but I do cook, comfort, clean (a little) house and kids, and well you get the idea…  I’ve had my moments of feeling that I am going to be crushed by it all. 

In the next scene, Jesus is on the mountaintop and the Word says He “called to Him those He Himself wanted.  And they came to Him.”  (Mark 3:13)  Jesus does want me.  If He didn’t, He would not have spilled His blood out for me. And He does call me…each morning, afternoon, evening and night.  “Come away with Me.”  He calls to me throughout the day, but the “crowd” is loud and demanding, and I often can’t hear Him.  But, He is still there, waiting patiently for me. 

While on the mountaintop with His disciples, He appointed them and gave them power.  He has appointed me as wife, mother, teacher, homemaker…and desires to give me His power as well. 

So, I need to remember to go to that place where He is waiting for me.  If I am to escape the crushing of the needs around me and demands upon me, I must answer His call.  He will equip me to meet those needs and rejoice in those moments.

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  1. vintagemamasew

    Thanks…good reminder. I love that we’re just called to take care of our family. It’s simply, yet SO challenging.

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