Alone, really?

In my house it is very rare to have a moment alone.  Really alone.  I have to go out to be alone, and that is just not possible very often.  Even then, I am usually surrounded by people, I just usually don’t have to pay any attention to them. 

I have  really tried to do the “just 15 minutes for mom” time.  It works, sometimes. 

Well, as I was reading my Bible today, trying to get that “15 minutes for mom” time in (while breastfeeding my son), I barely made it past this one verse….

“But when He was alone, those around Him with the the twelve asked Him….”   

HOLD ON JUST A MINUTE!  How can this be?  Alone not with just “the twelve” but those “around Him” also!  In my book this does not qualify as ALONE.  Okay, so stop and think – Lord, what are You wanting to teach me here?  In the prior verses we are told that His mother and brothers were looking for  Him, and upon hearing this Jesus looked around and declared “Who is My mother, or my brothers?”  He looked around Himself and clarified for us “Here are my mother and My brothers!  For whoever does the will of God is My brother and My sister and mother.”  (Mark 3:33-35)

There’s something here I need to recognize.  When I am around those who are like-minded, i.e. desiring to do the will of God, I am seperated from the cares of this world.  I can find refreshment and renewal.  I don’t need to be on the hunt for those ever fleeting “alone time” moments.  (This is sounding familiar to me.  See another post titled “Mother Culture”.)  If I am diligent to raise my children in the fear of the Lord, and am persistent to lovingly redirect their selfish ambitions, then YES – indeed – I can be “alone” within my busy home to be refreshed and invigorated to pursue my high calling.

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