pumpkin festival

While Chris was away, we filled our time with lots of fun things with Nana!  One of them was heading out to Chino Valley to the local Pumpkin Festival.  The kids had a blast!1010091217a[1]




They all enjoyed picking picking their own pumpkins, which we carved just yesterday!1010091248b[1]







And of course, the petting zoo!  Emmie wasn’t so certain about it!  Annalisa and Eli’s favorite was chasing the ducks!   My mom was albe to pet the ducks in the wading pool.  Audrey commented later that it was because “the ducks probably thought she was a big duck”!  That must have been it…or maybe, just maybe, it was because she wasn’t chasing them wildly around the  pen!P1110660


All in all, it was a really fun day.  A great memory with Nana! 

(Thanks Mom!)

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