I feel like I need to temporarily revisit the past.  While my mom was here, I had such a fun time with her.  Although she lives in New York, we do visit farely often. She manages to make her way out to the wild west about every 3 – 6 months.  (I think it has something to do with her grandbabies!)

Obviously it’s busy while she’s here.  A non stop flutter of busyness and commotion…children eager to share every little idea and notion with a sought after Nana.  Annalisa, Eli and Audrey have become accustomed to having “alone time” with Nana.  As they get older, this gets to be a lot of “alone time”! 

Well, this time, mom and I had some alone time. Chris made a point before he left for Paris to really encourage me to take up the offers we had for “help with the children”.  He wanted mom and I to get a break and enjoy a few moments of sanity and quiet! So we did.  Some sweet friends from church came (with pizza) and stayed with the kids while mom and I went out for a nice dinner.  (Genevose’s – yummm)  We enjoyed adult conversation, laughed together, and just plain had fun.

So I think this needs to be our new tradition…when she comes for a visit, I want some alone time too!

Mom and I after dinner

Not the best picture (cell phones, ya know) but it did capture our moment!

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  1. Im so glad you got that sweet time with her! I miss you and am so thankful for your friendship!

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