pre-emptive strike!

Okay, a revelation in mothering…pre-emptive strikes

First of all, let me say, my  children are not my enemies.  But they sure can wreak havoc in our home.  In fact just last night, Emmie was labelled “the tornado”, by the other kids!

If I can have enough foresight to meet the need before it becomes a terrible, screaming, ear-piercing emergency, oh the grief that can be saved!!  So this has become a goal of mine over the last few days.  When I succeed, yes, there is indeed more peace in our home.  When I fail, I am trying to make a mental note to be able to catch it next time, before the situation elevates.

Please share, what have you found to be successful in your home in keeping the peace amongst the little savages?


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2 responses to “pre-emptive strike!

  1. My new thing that seems to be working really well is when one of them tattles on another, I tell them to go to talk to each other about. For example: “if she hit you then you need to tell her that you don’t like that, don’t tell me about it.” I figured it’s biblical, and it really seems to be helping a lot. I don’t think they fight any less, but I spend way less time mediating, and they’re learning how to resolve things without me. 🙂

  2. vintagemamasew

    well, for me I need a list of ideas (mental list that is). I go through and pick the apropriate one.
    1. sit on your bed if you can’t control your crying because you must be tired
    2. if you can’t get along then you’ll have to play all by yourselves
    3. since you snuck that juice you don’t get a snack
    4. if you have a bad attitiude you need to keep it to yourself because no one want to see it…if you can’t keep it to yourself, sit on your bed until you figure it out–pray that God would help you
    5. when you don’t obey I can’t trust you and you don’t get privaliges (i.e. you don’t get to watch the movie, have dessert, play with a special toy, you can sit down the whole we’re at the park, ect.)
    6. you aren’t helping when I asked you to clean, so now you’re cleaning it all by yourself
    7. if you don’t want to go to bed that’s fine, but you’ll just have to start cleaning until you get tired

    I try to take the matter-of-fact approach. This is what happens when you_________. So if you don’t like that don’t do_____________.

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