We just had some sweet friends over this afternoon.  What a blessing! 

We’ve know each other for about 14 years and have seen each other grow in Jesus, marry, have children, struggle through difficulties, have ministered alongside one another, laughed and cried together.  Treasures in my heart and mind. 

The depth of our relationship is founded in Christ.  We have prayed together.  We have served one another.  We have served with one another.  We have dreamed together.  This is one of those relationships that time, distance and circumstance will not change.  We pick up just were we left off.  And as they left today, my heart was full.  Full of thankfulness to God for blessing me with such a dear sister and brother.  Full of fond memories.  Real life lived together.

There is nothing that compares to the relationships we have in Christ.  They are vibrant and vital.  We see the hand of God directing each other and are encouraged.  We truly share in each others joys; and when need be, we grieve with them in sincerity of heart.  We hope with one another as we look to the future, knowing that though we may be going in different directions for now, our hearts are forever knit together.  We are eager to meet again and proclaim the goodness of God and victory achieved in Christ’s name. 

Thank you Lord for godly friendships!

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