the groove

I have enjoyed these last couple of weeks with our homeschooling venture.  I feel like I have regained the groove.  For one, I started putting my now 2 year old back down for two naps…that has helped immensely!  Since she’s in her own little toddler bed, she’s up much earlier than she was when she was in the crib.  So, anyway, back to two naps…works for me!

Plus I have added Fridays.  They had been our “free day”, “fun day”.  But the way I see it, they already have a pretty laid back schedule, and we have lots of interruptions.  It’s better this way.  Five days of a good steady schedule works well, and there’s less time to forget it.

So we get up, have breakfast, “get ready for the day”, do chores, and start up school.  After snack, I do some one on one time, and if everyone’s stayed on task, we get to go outside before lunch.  If not, well they’ve got to wait til the afternoon.  It’s good, they’ve got a motivating factor beyond just their natural “love for learning”! 🙂

It’s nice to find our rhythm.  I won’t get stuck though, I’m sure something will be changing again soon!

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