sweet fellowship

We just got in from a night of fellowship. A sweet older brother and sister invited us and another two couples over just to bless us, to fellowship in Jesus.

Really sweet.  They had the house prepared so thoughtfully.  Beautiful Christmas decorations, tasty appetizers, sparkling grape juice…made me feel like a “real adult”. 

And the whole reason was to let us know how much we had blessed him and his wife.  The interesting thing is that we haven’t really done anything…just love them.  Amazing how sharing God’s love with others can impact them so deeply.  Even Christians.

He said our fellowship reminds him of a special time in his life, years back, when there were a group of young believers that he was surrounded with.  He’s had only one real close friend at a time, one that he especially misses, and yet we are like that to him.  It truly touched my heart how such simplicity can profoundly minister to another person’s needs.

He asked each of us at the end of the evening, (after a lovingly prepared dinner and homemade dessert) to each share what we are truly thankful for.  And so, impromptu, each of us shared our hearts freely and gave thanks to our great God. 

The body of Christ is a beautiful gift.  How easy it can be at times to minister to others, so casual.  Let us each remember, just being who you are in Jesus can speak volumes to another in need.  Let Jesus shine!

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