First, I will apologize for the incredibly long period of time since I’ve posted ANYTHING.  Geez, not even any holiday pictures! Yes, busy indeed…

Well the other evening I had the opportunity to go out with my honey to a fellowship with a sweet mix of believers.  It was  a real treat for me.  We do get out fairly frequently on dates, but to be able to share and pray with other brothers and sisters outside of the church building, with no children, really gave me some spiritual breathing room.  Just within the last couple weeks, I have moved out of the mothers room and into the “big church” again.  I hadn’t realized how much my spirit missed the corporate worship, fellowship.  I sucked it up like a dry sponge!

A lady that I’ve know for a number of years was there.  I’ve had her sons come through junior high group about 12 years ago, she was a nurse on the OB floor when some of my children were born, and we even led a ladies Bible study group together…but this moment with her just lifted and encouraged my spirit so much. 

She had been speaking of her sons, one in particular, and his quest for excitement and hunger for adventure.  As a mother, she had such insight into WHO her son is, HOW he has been created by the Creator; and because of that understanding she was just really free.  She wasn’t the overprotective mother, worried at the late night phone call, or overly concerned about the newest adventure.  Although she may not have highly approved of it, she was free in Jesus to let her son be who he was created to be.  It truly ministered to me of the freedom that she experienced, and the freedom that she “gave” her son – because she knew and understood her God.

With my husband embarking on a new adventure in life, of which includes a lot of traveling to foreign lands, it would be easy for me to listen to some of the unapproving voices or even let my own concerns get the best of me.  But when I know how Jesus created my husband, and I can trust my God with his, mine and our children’s well being, why would I want to stifle or hinder the work that God has called us to?

How beautiful and free to know our Heavenly Father, the Creator and Sustainor of our lives!

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