Not sure exactly what has gotten into me…but we have had a lot of crafts lately.  It’s been fun!

I know part of it has been the snow.  I’m tired of movies, and I think even the kids are.  Maybe it’s been the games of chase around the house, but either way, everyone’s been having fun with crafts.  Even the little ones!

Here’s their version of our “mittens” craft.  Remember the string attached so you wouldn’t lose one of them in the snow?

And then for the big kids, they made a winter mitten book!  They each wrote a poem (a tiny bit of help from mom) using the letters: S N O W.  Then they illustrated it too!  A few pages still available for some upcoming winter activities………

snowy day craft

annalisa's "winter book"

eli's "winter book"


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2 responses to “crafts

  1. vintagemamasew

    Fun! Annalisa and Isabel look like they could be sisters.

  2. Carol

    I’m loving those winter crafts! What a blessing for those children to have a mother like you. You’re building leaders for tomorrow with a firm foundation in Jesus and a strong sense of who they are in Christ. You’re a blessing, Tara!

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