i don’t really know what to say

Really.  But I feel like I should say something.  Bebe (my affectionate term for my husband) has been gone for 10 days.  He will be back around midnight tomorrow.  This has been an extrememly difficult trip for me.  And I’m not sure exactly why.

Maybe because I’ve got 5 children, 7 years and younger.

Maybe because my mom wasn’t here to help.

Maybe because I’ve had PMS all week.  (Which I am not used to since I haven’t had much of that for about 8 years!)

Maybe because I (we) have been under spiritual attack as we move forward in our call to serve Jesus.

Maybe……….. any number or combinations of all of the above, and more.

But, I guess what it really boils down to, is I want to be able to serve the Lord here in my home, with my children, and honor Him as I do it. 

So, I will keep “soldiering on”. 

Lord, be my strength, be my vision, be my all in all.

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One response to “i don’t really know what to say

  1. vintagemamasew

    I have felt the same way, except Nick is here every night. I do think it’s spiritual attack, for us too. I’ll be praying for you. I wish I was there to give you a hug and say a little prayer. Love you.

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