Chris is on his way home from another trip.  This time to Wichita, Kansas.  Just having him still in the country gave this trip a different feel to it. 

So, yes, his trip and mission was succesful; but I am really reffering to my time at home while he was away…succesful!  Thank you Jesus.  You read my whining about the last trip.  Blah.  But the Lord truly encouraged my heart, gave me a perspective shift…and wa-la! I had a great week!

Surely this had to do with the women God used in my life this past week to assist me.  Four different women totally blessed me, and my children this week.  They each played a  different role, but at the heart of it was God showing me His faithful provision.  He knows my every need, and will provide exactly what I need at the exact right time.  I feel like He blessed me so much, in part, due to my surrender to His will.  This is the call He has placed on our lives right now, and as I yield to Him (instead of grumbling and begrudgingly “dealing” with it) He showed me the great reward of being a part of His work…joy, peace.  Thankfulness.

I am indeed happy that my husband will be here beside me when I awake in the morning.  But I am also thankful that I can rejoice in the faithfulness of my God.

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