Our Family’s Journey Across America

So, I am on vacation, but haven’t had a chance to post anything!!

Well this is an amazing trip we are on. We’ve been gone for 3 weeks already – I can hardly believe it! The kids are doing amazing, AMAZING! 

What started as an invite for Chris and I to be in my brother Eric’s wedding has turned into an amazing adventure for us all!  The thought of flying did cross our mind, but obviously there would be some definite challenges to traveling as a family of 7, most of which are now 8 and under.  Since Chris’ hasn’t been tied down with work, the kids have been studying United States history and geography for the past year, we’ve got a number of different family and friends scattered around that we’d like to visit…we added it all up and figured let’s do it!

And so began the planning.  Calls, emails, websurfing, preparation, packing,  and most of all – praying!  We’ve now made it half way through. 

The wedding was Sunday.  It was beautiful.  I am proud of my brother.  He has a sweet woman who loves him and they have  a desire to have God at the center of their marriage.  He knows he’s doing the right thing and I am really happy for him.  It was a great wedding.

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