Austin, TX

Austin, Texas.  We lived here for almost 3 years.  A short time relatively speaking, only 4 years back, 3 children ago; it was an amazing time in our lives.  Sweet friendships were established, the kind that surpass time and distance.  God was doing a mighty work in many lives, primarily ours! A time that will not be quickly forgotten.  It was very special for us to visit with these people. 

We stayed with some dear friends.  They lovingly, graciously opened their home for all 7 of us.  The kids loved it there!  They have a warm home, and wonderful yard…the kids felt so at home there!  What a blessing!

We celebrated Annalisa’s 8th birthday while were there, visiting with a family so close to our hearts.  We had a great time hanging out with them for the day!  It was especially sweet for Annalisa too!

We enjoyed a breakfast at one of the local joints with another couple.  This man blessed Chris tremendously during the church remodel!

From there we went to Zilker Park, a family favorite from when we lived there!  We enjoyed Barton Springs Pool with another family.  They have 5 children as well, and an incredible heart for the Lord.  A tremendous blessing to see them.  The mom has been such an inspiration for me as she supports her husband in ministry, homeschools her children, offers sweet encouragement. 

We finished our time at the park with a ride on the Zilker Zephyr!

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