We have been blessed to have had a sweet family from Egypt at our home for the last few days.

Our kids have made friends quickly.  Beading, coloring, bike riding, building.  The language barrier has been speedily overcome.

They have a passion for Jesus that’s contagious.  Though they have not told me directly, I found out that they live the lives of “the persecuted church” that we hear or read about it.  Well, here they are in MY home.  wow.  This is humbling…convicting.  They are continually in harm’s way for their faith, and unashamed witnesses for Christ. At times, literally running for their lives, to avoid being abducted by the secret police.  At the airport, in fear of being taken, they went separately so that if one was taken, the other could be a voice in America for them.  This is their “normal” life. 

And now, here they are in my home, wanting to serve me.  Wanting to help with my children.  Wanting to wash my dishes. 

I pray that I would be so inspired to live for Christ as they do.  NOTHING inhibiting me to live for Christ – EVERY day, in EVERY way.

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