a picnic

We have had  this picnic spot for a few years now.  But it just hasn’t been used very often. With so many little ones it just often seems like just to much work…so close to the house, yet so far!  A picnic in the front yard always seems so much easier! 

Well, we all enjoyed it so much.  The dappled sunlight was perfect.  A gentle breeze kept the air from getting stagnant. Audrey found a “butterfly” (really just a plain moth) all by herself, and was even brave enough to reach out and touch it!

While the kids climbed trees and had fun swinging on the benches, I trimmed up the tall grasses.  It was a great picnic spot!

As I see Annalisa and Eli getting so big, and realizing how quickly it truly passes, I so want to enjoy all the moments like these that I can.  I want my children to have fond memories of mom enjoying them, not being stressed by all the noise, commotion, chaos.  So, with that said, I hope to revisit this picnic spot again soon!


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  1. I know exactly how you feel! They all grow so fast I feel like I can’t even keep up!

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