Everybody’s doin’ it

So I’m givin’ it a shot.  The “Baking Soda Hair Cleansing”.  I can’t quite bring myself to call it “no poo”.  Maybe ’cause I have had so many babies, there’s been plenty of poo. Anyways…I’ve been at it for just over a week.  So far, it’s a love-hate thing.  I really like the idea of no shampoo with all its harshness, and I like the idea of being more nat-u-ral.  But, I’m feeling like a greaseball.  I desparetely wanted to wash it the other day.  But, I don’t think it looks that bad.  It feels weightier, maybe it’s the extra grease?! 

What do you think?  Bebe says it looks okay, and it doesn’t smell.  I don’t know if he’s my best judge on the matter.  Although I am glad to hear it doesn’t smell.  I know he would be honest.

Perhaps a little too honest.  In fact, for some unknown reason, he announced to his entire missions team that I haven’t been washing my hair.  Well, he did say I was at least using baking soda.  When he told me this and I was appalled that he volunteered this unneccesary and private information to a group of people, he was sincerely surprised that this disturbed me. 

I’m feeling quite self conscious about it.  I don’t want a bunch of people quietly examing my hair from a distance to see if it’s clean or not. 

I will say that I think it is looking better throughout.  I’ve felt for a long time that its way to dry and damaged looking.  Other than some color every few months, I don’t have time to do anything with it…no curling iron, no blow dryer, barely any hairspray either.  We’ll see, maybe this will help.


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5 responses to “Everybody’s doin’ it

  1. I have a husband who thinks it’s very entertaining to shock people with that bit of info as well 🙂 Don’t worry, I will tell you if you look dirty! 😉

  2. Tara

    A true friend! Thanks Ashley.

  3. vintagemamasew

    I am so close to trying this. I have about a week left of my expensive, no good shampoo.

    I didn’t really notice anything until you pointed it out the other day. It probably doesn’t help to try it first in the summer. Don’t give up!

    Sorry about the announcement 🙂 Nick embarrasses me unintentionally too (and sometime it is intentional).

  4. Tara

    just in case anyone is curious. i gave it up. a while ago.
    i couldn’t take it anymore. greasy, itchy. self conscience.
    now that i’ve been back to “regular” shampoo, bebe says it looks much better. i looked like a “dirty hippie” he said.
    and i did leave those days behind a long time ago, so i’d rather not relive them! 🙂

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