not the ordinary Monday

My husband spent the whole weekend doing ministry.  He was really busy.  The kids were busy as well.  Cousins were in town, which means a non stop whirlwind of a time.  Fun, no doubt!  But it can wear me out!  I’ve been busy as well, trying to get our schoolroom in order.

So, I look forward to Mondays.  Why?  Because they are our “stay at home day”.  I look forward to not going anywhere.  We catch up on chores; the kids remember they can enjoy being at home with each other.  And me, I like not having to GO anywhere.  We eat left overs for lunch.  It’s just a day I’ve really come to enjoy.

At breakfast Monday morning, Bebe (aka – my husband) asked me what my plans were for the day.  I could tell something was brewing in his mind.  So I told him my plans, then, held my breath and asked “What’s on your mind for the day?”  Oh nevermind, was his response.  I persisted.  “We’ll talk in private” he said.  All the kids ears perked up…they know what that means!  Something fun is brewing, but mom and dad have to figure it out.

Within the hour we were getting packed up for a picnic in the forest (with no bread or meat or… in the house, it was a little tricky!).  Swimsuits on, sunblock in hand, water bottles filled and off we went. 

It was wonderful!  We drove in his truck, in which we do not all fit!  So the two big kids got to ride in the camper shell.  (Another mommy gulp on that one.)  Once we got into the forest, our first stop was picking wild blackberries on the side of the dirt road.  There were enough for everyone to get a few ripe ones. Yes, they were yummy!  Then 4 wheeling down the trail we made our way through the wild flowers to a swimming hole.  Maybe better termed a splashing hole!  It was great fun.  Andrew tried to eat the wet sand. Emily layed down in 5 inches of water on her belly and tried to swim.  We almost caught a tadpole.  We examined a little baby frog.  Audrey even peed outside.  Annalisa and  Eli explored up stream. I played and had fun with my kids.  Bebe was refreshed. He loves the outdoors, but often goes by himself.  It’s often just too much work to pack everyone and everything up. 

Well it wasn’t my “usual” Monday, but probably the best one in a long time!

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  1. Sounds great. I have been forcing myself to just pack up and go lately. It is lots of work, but I keep telling myself they’ll never forget the fun stuff. So glad you had fun.

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