little ones

I have had the blessing of spending some “alone” time with just the two littlest ones lately. 

This is quite rare.  Not to say I don’t ever get one on one time with the kids.  But since I’ve been having a number of these opportunities lately, I am really realizing how sweet it is. 

Yes. I am a bit slow.

It saddens me that I’ve become so caught up with the “life of a mom of 5” and the hecticness of it all, that I have let these tiny treasured moments with these two slip by. 

For example, today, Andrew disappeared on me for a few moments.  He often will do that.  He finds something that he shouldn’t be into, and he has a hay day with it. Like pulling apart the 5490 (approximate count)  piece KNEX that Bebe put together with the big kids.    Or maybe he’s playing with bottles of pink and purple nailpolish.  Or  more innocently he’s just busy chasing around his brother and sisters.  

Anyway, I called out “Andrew” in my sing song way.  Walked through the kitchen, and I heard “beep, beep, beep”.  “vroom, vroom, vroom”.  As I followed the sounds into the (closed door) laundry room.  This is what I found. 

Then as I called him again, “Andrew, where are you?”  This is what I saw next.  I didn’t capture his face, but isn’t this just too cute? A little boy playing with his battery operated car under the camo jacket in the dark laundry room, with the door closed.  Love it!

Well, after this we played with the pegs.  What little one doesn’t love pegs?

Of course then, we sing “Happy Birthday!”

And finally, blow out all the candles…

It sure was a fun party!  I DON’T want to miss the next one.

What is it you enjoy, or remember enjoying, the most with your littlest ones?

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