new name

I’ve been thinking about my children’s names lately, especially Emily Grace.

Quite ironic, this “grace” business.  She has none.  Let me rephrase that…no physical grace.  She hurts herself a ridiculous amount of times each and every day.  How many children fall off the swing and need stitches?  I know they are out there, but at 2 years old?  “Superman” didn’t work so well for her.  How about falling off the toilet, trying to pull up your panties and banging your head on the corner of the cabinet?  What about falling off the couch and landing on the toddler chair and bruising your hip?  Really, the list could go on and on.  Oh, my sweet, poor  little Emmie.  I used to think she was pretty tough.  I guess she needs to be for as much as she hurts herself. 

She has such a precious little face, beautiful lashes, adorable button nose, and a scarred lip.  It makes me sad when I see it.

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For each one of our children, choosing their name was a prayerful decision that Bebe and I made.  Their names represent a spiritual lesson and truth that God was working in my life at the time of their birth. 

So instead of using their middle names as a way of communicating my extreme frustration with them, I have made their name, especially their middle names, a personal prayer for each of them.  For Emmie in particular, for God’s grace to abound in her life, that she would be a child, young lady and one day a woman that freely extends grace to others, being an ambassador for Christ, imparting the truth and wonder of His grace to those around her.

As we prayed tonite at bedtime, it struck me.  The first three things she prayed for were…thanking God for her belly, her thumb and her back…all of which are hurting her.  She didn’t ask for anything concerning them.  She just thanked God for them.

There is quite a lesson I can learn from my sweet little tumbling Ms. Grace.  I can thank God for those things that cause me pain.  I see Him developing a wonderful personality in her.  Full of compassion and tenderness. 

Lord, help me to truly give thanks in all things.

Hm.  It seems to me God has already imparted an incredible measure of grace to this precious little girl.

“And the child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon (her).”      Luke 2:40


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2 responses to “new name

  1. I love her!! And I love your idea of prayer here….I’ve definitely fallen into the “middle name means their really busted” habit. It kind of makes me sad.

  2. emily

    I am crying tears of overwhelmnous! (Is that a word?) Your words and insight leave me absolutely speechless!

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