Homeschool Wildlife

Don’t you just love it when you really get to use, and ENJOY, one of your bargains?!

I sure do!

This one was from Goodwill a few months ago.  I picked it up for a few bucks.  It sat in my bedroom closet for awhile. 

Then it sat on my nice new schoolroom shelves.

Next we looked at a couple of them.

And then, we REALLY used them!  It took probably about 3 months (or  more)!  Although I think we will continue to use them, especially throughout the year.

We are studying through My Father’s World Countries and Cultures ( We are really loving it.  As we study through a continent or region, our science lesson corresponds with that region’s environment.  These cards can be divided and organized many ways.  We divided them into environments: grassland, rainforest, forest, ocean, etc.  Then, since we are studying forest environments right now, they each chose about 4 or 5 cards.  Read through them learned a little about those animals.  Then they chose, one they really liked.  I copied the front for them, then they highlighted a couple things they learned and recorded on the same page.  It was fun!  My little Joy girl even picked one and colored it according to the original.

We all enjoyed it.  I’m looking forward to using them more as we continue studying the different environments around the world.

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