Do you ever have those days where you just know that you can’t fit it all in?  I have them, oh, just about EVERY day!

Well, this game, (which I posted a long time back “the race is on!”) is great when you have to cram all your subjects in and you have all the kids up and wanting to be at your side!

So all 5 of them picked out their cars.  This picture was taken at 11pm, while all children were sleeping.  So it looks nice and orderly 😉

The choices made me smile.  Annalisa had a VW Bus, Eli low rider race car , Ms. Joy a firetruck, Ms. Grace an ambulance!  She knows what she needs!  And my little man, who knows, he had all the cars he could manage in his cute little fingers.  For him, I pulled out the play car mat and put it near this one so he could feel a part of what was going on.

Now, don’t be mistaken, this was still alot of brainwork for me.  Each question was “custom made” for each child and what they’ve been learning.  We had geography, spelling, science, math.  Ms. Joy had numbers and letters.  Ms. Grace colors and “what animal says meow?” type of questions.  All the kids were good sports and cheered her on.

The game lasted a LONG time. I finally got smart and started giving 2 or 3 spaces if they could dish out more answers.  Such as “Tell me what state we live in and you get a space for every state you name that touches our state.”  Or, “Tell me all the different ways to spell the long E sound, you get a space for every correct answer.” 

Next time we play, I’m going to use “Brain Quest” for some of the questions.  These were another Goodwill find.  And they’ve been sitting untouched on the school shelf for too long.  Next time.

We all had fun though, and we were able to mark off of our school list all subjects by the time we were done!  Hooray for that!

Oh, and the VW won!  Ha ha!


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2 responses to “review

  1. Yeah for the VW!!! (Erik’s favorite car)

    Thanks for the idea! I think we all have days like those. My seem to come often too 🙂 I am sure they will remember the game far more than the books anyway.

    Love you guys – Rachel

  2. emily

    Lil Emmie got the ambulance huh? That makes Nana sad!! But glad they all had FUN!!!

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