healthy eating

I am trying.

It’s rather difficult with a couple of picky eaters…or even just one.  Oh, yes, that would by little Joy girl.  Some days I feel like she doesn’t eat anything!

I hear a lot of “I don’t like that!”  Even if she’s eaten it 43 times before…and liked it!  Then when she finally tastes it, she smirks at me as she turns her face away.  Little stinker!

I am trying to incorporate more healthy foods, snacks.  Most of our meals are “healthy”.  Made from “scratch”…don’t get me wrong, I’m not crazy about it, but I don’t prepare too many pre-packaged meals.  So, the one for me that I’m focusing on is snack time.  I’m trying to get away from cookies and sugar snacks.

I am looking for some ideas for healthy snacks…or tips for dealing with your picky eater(s).   Please tell.  Thanks.

oh yeah – I’ve already tried the “sit on them and force it down their throat” technique…it didn’t go over so well 🙂    (just kidding, well sort of…)


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3 responses to “healthy eating

  1. for me as a grown up kid i find chopping stuff up helps – so give me and apple or a carrot and i feel quite daunted by it – but cut up an apple into four quarters and suddenly it is a new nirvanic piece of delight – or a carrot – and other stuff – so experiment with fruits and veg maybe individually if they not big fans when it arrives on the table – sweet melon….yum! and then experiment with something like humus – which is something i imagine people either dig or don’t – but if they do like it it can be a winer as a dip and so little piece of carrot dipped in humus might be a winner and quite healthy…

    we tried to get a bunch healthier a year ago and so stopped cooking in oil a lot (occasionally use a bit of marg or else just the juice of the meat or whatever we are cooking) and steaming veg (which tastes better and goes quickly) and cooking in water instead of oil which you can turn into a gravy once the cooking is done…

    and then there is always good old uncle google – throw in ‘healthy snacks’ and i’m sure you’ll find a whole host of what you’re looking for…

    good luck.
    brett fish

  2. We do lots of fruit for snacks. (not fruit snacks, but actual fruit:) And yogurt. Popcorn is also an easy snack. The rule we try to stick is if you don’t eat it now, it will be waiting for you at the next meal. Sometimes it’s more effective than others.

  3. Our snacks usually include protein and fruit. Almonds, pecans, celery almond butter, fruit, a slice of banana bread, or a smoothie (with fresh spinach and celery, and carrot juice for the veggies).

    I don’t usually have much trouble with those options, but with dinner I’ll withhold the dinner roll or seconds of anything until veggies are gone. I try to be reasonable too. I know 2 of the kids don’t like salad so I give them 3 leaves they must eat.

    Another trick I use is the blender. Soup is something I can’t get Andre to eat unless it’s blended. He doesn’t like the chunks of veggies, but he likes the overall flavor. Use can also cook celery, bell peppers, garlic, carrot, and onions- blend and put in your spaghetti sauce.

    I say keep it simple. Make thing they already like more healthy, instead of completely changing everything at once. Also, don’t let them think it’s okay to complain about what they eat. I always tell them that even though somethings aren’t our favorite, it’s never okay to be ungrateful for the food God has given us. Healthy food give us vitamins so we are healthier and able to have fun, and play, and serve Jesus.

    Hope that helps.

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