Almost done!

I have been working hard, along with the kids, to get our schooling finished.  The weather has been warming up and the kiddie pools are out.  Swimsuits and towels now litter the front patio, along with flip flops and buckets.  I’d better get used to it, that’s probably how it will be for the next few months!

Annalisa and Eli are working hard, I am proud of them and how diligent they are!  We have entirely enjoyed My Father’s World Exploring Countries and Cultures this year.  (  It has been great.  Eli loves studying maps, and this has been right up his alley.  With Dad having done so much traveling over the last couple years, they have been really interested in checking out his passport with all its stamps from different countries.  When we’ve “crossed the border” traveling into a new country, one of their favorite things has been having to present their “passports” to the border agent (me). 

It has truly given them an appreciation for other people, cultures, traveling…and a thankfulness for all the blessings and freedoms we enjoy in our country.

And then, as if to top it off, our library ( and Michael’s ( are both having a ton of “Around the World” activities and crafts going on all summer long.  What a fun way to summarize (and review) some of what we’ve learned traveling around the globe!


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