Stirring myself up again

A couple weeks ago I received a notification of a new comment on my blog.

This surprised me as I haven’t posted anything in probably about 5 or 6 months!

So I was looking over my blog, and it hit me …I need to “stir myself up some more”.  The whole point of my blog was to (mostly) encourage myself to remember the goodness and grace of my God. If other people happen to stumble upon it and find encouragement as well, then that’s a bonus.

I can get so buried beneath the day to day tasks of mothering, homeschooling, home-making (although I feel “home repairing” would be a better term these days!), cooking, cleaning, blah, blah…that I need to do this.  I knew it then, it was for me to remember.  And although I still “know” God is good and God is faithful, it is important to sit down and actually purposefully do this.

So, maybe, you’ll see me here more often…no promises though.


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