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Treasure Quest

Well, this summer was our first time leading our church’s VBS.

Wow! What an amazing project!

Bebe goes all out when he’s got a project set before him, and this was certainly no different.  In fact, he may have even gone further on this!

Our theme was “Treasure Quest”.  He and a good friend built a “castle” with a working drawbridge…very cool.  The church’s patio was done up to be the King’s Courtyard, complete with a  blacksmith, carpenter, baker and tanner’s booth.  We had some fun medieval costumes and props.

Each day had a sub-theme, which was conveyed through everything…the object lesson, snack, craft, games and of course the Bible teaching.  It was really great.  I had fun leading the 2nd and 3rd graders around the campus for the various activities.  I also had the chance to create the “banquet hall” and come up with some fun snack ideas.  It surprised me to realize that this was the first time that I’ve helped with VBS, hands on, involved with the kids.  It was a blessing.  There were about 90 kids, and each one of them definately walked away from the campus learning something about our great and mighty King.

One of the coolest things about it all is the “Treasure Room” of the King.  Bebe’s vision is to have the kids store up God’s Word in their heart, understanding that it is God’s eternal Word that is our greatest treasure.  As the children return to church each week, and have memorized scripture, it “unlocks” the Treasury, where they can then enter and redeem a prize.   A sweet gentleman in the church went to work and built an amazing treasure chest to hold all the little treasures…from jump ropes, yo-yos, bracelets to matchbox cars.

And right here should be a picture of it, of which I do not have yet!

It’s awesome to see the excitement they have, and to say to them, “That’s cool! Tell me the memory verse you used to unlock the Treasury!” and then the quote a promise of God.  Really sweet.

“In the house of the righteous there is much treasure”. Proverbs 15:6


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not the ordinary Monday

My husband spent the whole weekend doing ministry.  He was really busy.  The kids were busy as well.  Cousins were in town, which means a non stop whirlwind of a time.  Fun, no doubt!  But it can wear me out!  I’ve been busy as well, trying to get our schoolroom in order.

So, I look forward to Mondays.  Why?  Because they are our “stay at home day”.  I look forward to not going anywhere.  We catch up on chores; the kids remember they can enjoy being at home with each other.  And me, I like not having to GO anywhere.  We eat left overs for lunch.  It’s just a day I’ve really come to enjoy.

At breakfast Monday morning, Bebe (aka – my husband) asked me what my plans were for the day.  I could tell something was brewing in his mind.  So I told him my plans, then, held my breath and asked “What’s on your mind for the day?”  Oh nevermind, was his response.  I persisted.  “We’ll talk in private” he said.  All the kids ears perked up…they know what that means!  Something fun is brewing, but mom and dad have to figure it out.

Within the hour we were getting packed up for a picnic in the forest (with no bread or meat or… in the house, it was a little tricky!).  Swimsuits on, sunblock in hand, water bottles filled and off we went. 

It was wonderful!  We drove in his truck, in which we do not all fit!  So the two big kids got to ride in the camper shell.  (Another mommy gulp on that one.)  Once we got into the forest, our first stop was picking wild blackberries on the side of the dirt road.  There were enough for everyone to get a few ripe ones. Yes, they were yummy!  Then 4 wheeling down the trail we made our way through the wild flowers to a swimming hole.  Maybe better termed a splashing hole!  It was great fun.  Andrew tried to eat the wet sand. Emily layed down in 5 inches of water on her belly and tried to swim.  We almost caught a tadpole.  We examined a little baby frog.  Audrey even peed outside.  Annalisa and  Eli explored up stream. I played and had fun with my kids.  Bebe was refreshed. He loves the outdoors, but often goes by himself.  It’s often just too much work to pack everyone and everything up. 

Well it wasn’t my “usual” Monday, but probably the best one in a long time!

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a picnic

We have had  this picnic spot for a few years now.  But it just hasn’t been used very often. With so many little ones it just often seems like just to much work…so close to the house, yet so far!  A picnic in the front yard always seems so much easier! 

Well, we all enjoyed it so much.  The dappled sunlight was perfect.  A gentle breeze kept the air from getting stagnant. Audrey found a “butterfly” (really just a plain moth) all by herself, and was even brave enough to reach out and touch it!

While the kids climbed trees and had fun swinging on the benches, I trimmed up the tall grasses.  It was a great picnic spot!

As I see Annalisa and Eli getting so big, and realizing how quickly it truly passes, I so want to enjoy all the moments like these that I can.  I want my children to have fond memories of mom enjoying them, not being stressed by all the noise, commotion, chaos.  So, with that said, I hope to revisit this picnic spot again soon!


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Having fun

What do these few photos have in common?

They show that mommy was just haning out and having fun with her kids!  I have enjoyed this summer so much…we have done tons of stuff.  From traveling across the country to dowtown music picnis to water days at home, and I feel like everything in between.  I have just truly been having fun and enjoying my children and the life God has given us!

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Austin, TX

Austin, Texas.  We lived here for almost 3 years.  A short time relatively speaking, only 4 years back, 3 children ago; it was an amazing time in our lives.  Sweet friendships were established, the kind that surpass time and distance.  God was doing a mighty work in many lives, primarily ours! A time that will not be quickly forgotten.  It was very special for us to visit with these people. 

We stayed with some dear friends.  They lovingly, graciously opened their home for all 7 of us.  The kids loved it there!  They have a warm home, and wonderful yard…the kids felt so at home there!  What a blessing!

We celebrated Annalisa’s 8th birthday while were there, visiting with a family so close to our hearts.  We had a great time hanging out with them for the day!  It was especially sweet for Annalisa too!

We enjoyed a breakfast at one of the local joints with another couple.  This man blessed Chris tremendously during the church remodel!

From there we went to Zilker Park, a family favorite from when we lived there!  We enjoyed Barton Springs Pool with another family.  They have 5 children as well, and an incredible heart for the Lord.  A tremendous blessing to see them.  The mom has been such an inspiration for me as she supports her husband in ministry, homeschools her children, offers sweet encouragement. 

We finished our time at the park with a ride on the Zilker Zephyr!

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Our Family’s Journey Across America

So, I am on vacation, but haven’t had a chance to post anything!!

Well this is an amazing trip we are on. We’ve been gone for 3 weeks already – I can hardly believe it! The kids are doing amazing, AMAZING! 

What started as an invite for Chris and I to be in my brother Eric’s wedding has turned into an amazing adventure for us all!  The thought of flying did cross our mind, but obviously there would be some definite challenges to traveling as a family of 7, most of which are now 8 and under.  Since Chris’ hasn’t been tied down with work, the kids have been studying United States history and geography for the past year, we’ve got a number of different family and friends scattered around that we’d like to visit…we added it all up and figured let’s do it!

And so began the planning.  Calls, emails, websurfing, preparation, packing,  and most of all – praying!  We’ve now made it half way through. 

The wedding was Sunday.  It was beautiful.  I am proud of my brother.  He has a sweet woman who loves him and they have  a desire to have God at the center of their marriage.  He knows he’s doing the right thing and I am really happy for him.  It was a great wedding.

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Snow Day

What a fun day!  Woke up to over 5 inches of snow.  After a pancake breakfast, we headed outdoors for sledding and snowballs.  Kids had a picnic lunch in the family room, followed by snowman crafts.  Dinner theatre (nachos and a movie) on the menu for tonite!  And Chris was at home (working) with us all day too!  🙂

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