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Good Family Reading

So, we have been doing a lot of family reading these past few months.  We all enjoy it.

It started with just the kids and I , midday, before nap with the Bobbsey Twins.  My mother in law gave us a couple of the series, and we can’t get enough of them.  Then, I think it was off of the jacket of the book, that I discovered Old Mother West Wind.  I started this in the evening, and Bebe kept urging me on…”Just one more chapter.”  Now, I know the sound of my voice soothes him and puts him to sleep, but it’s been fun reading it together as a family.  Today I read a couple chapters after lunch while the kids were tinkering around at the tree fort.  But before I began, my little man Eli said, “No, no! Daddy wants to hear it too!”  🙂

Anyways, I thought I’d share these if you’re looking for some good, wholesome, family reading.


The Bobbsey Twins by Laura Lee Hope

bobbsey twins

Old Mother West Wind by Thornton W. Burgessold mother west wind


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Stirring myself up again

A couple weeks ago I received a notification of a new comment on my blog.

This surprised me as I haven’t posted anything in probably about 5 or 6 months!

So I was looking over my blog, and it hit me …I need to “stir myself up some more”.  The whole point of my blog was to (mostly) encourage myself to remember the goodness and grace of my God. If other people happen to stumble upon it and find encouragement as well, then that’s a bonus.

I can get so buried beneath the day to day tasks of mothering, homeschooling, home-making (although I feel “home repairing” would be a better term these days!), cooking, cleaning, blah, blah…that I need to do this.  I knew it then, it was for me to remember.  And although I still “know” God is good and God is faithful, it is important to sit down and actually purposefully do this.

So, maybe, you’ll see me here more often…no promises though.

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My Purpose…

My friend Ashley, got all this started.

The Book: The Mission of Motherhood  by Sally Clarkson

Here’s what I have to say…

I really am enjoying the book, and am sad I have to return it to the library!

I was totally convicted reading this chapter. But, really encouraged as well. It brought me back to some of the “basics”. Being a homeschool mom,  I find it very easy to gauge how good of a day we have had based on how much school we accomplished.  The children are in on it to!  Not really a bad thing…they are excited to announce to Dad when he gets home “We finished all our school today Dad!”   Although, that is great, I need to be careful that THAT does not become my mission.

I appreciated the reminder of the very reasons we have chosen to homeschool. To be able to be the one who nurtures our children. And that indeed takes time and purpose.

As the author was talking about a full time working mother giving her children the “leftovers” I felt like she could’ve been describing me! And yet I am home all the time with my children!   I MUST remember, the reason I am at home is for them, not me!

Prov. 14:1 has also really been the verse that I have been meditating on alot.

[Pro 14:1 NKJV] – The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish pulls it down with her hands.

 It certainly does take a determined effort to build; the tearing down seems to happen rather naturally being the sinful fallen creatures that we are.

A great chapter…a lot to think, and act upon.

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Lotta’s Bike, featuring my Joy Girl

Lotta’s Bike byAstrid Lindgren

I normally don’t like books that tend to focus on a child’s naughty behavior.  The way I see it is that they just do fine with that on their own, they don’t really need the “encouragement” in that particular vein. 

But…this book actually put a smirk on my face as I read through it.

It reminds me of a special little girl I know. One I like to call my “Joy Girl”.  It’s a bit of sarcasm, I will admit it.  But, then again, it IS her middle name.  Kind of ironic really, since she seems to have such a difficult time in finding joy.  It’s there all around her.  She enjoys it, that’s certain.  However, she’s seems to focus a tad too much on the things that she’s not so joyful about.

I found it humorous at how much she liked this book. Even though no one had read it to her yet, she would just look through the pictures over and over. 

In fact, here is her favorite picture.

I should’ve zoomed in some more, but that’s Lotta flying over the fence head first.  She had stolen the nice neighbor ladies bike while she was napping, after she had given her a beautiful jeweled bracelet for her birthday.  The next picture is Lotta screaming her head off because she landed on it in the bushes and got a bump.  Then she sees the blood on her leg, and begins to scream “BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD!”  If you look closely, you’ll see the tears spurting from her screaming face.  A nice sweet kids book. 🙂

Yup.  These are her favorite pictures.  Not sure why really.  But, maybe just because she’s my Joy Girl.

I will say I thoroughly enjoyed the book.  Even with naughty little Lotta’s tantrums.  She’s definitely got some spunk…like some other little girl I know!


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Successful Day

I feel very accomplished today. 

It may not seem like much to others, but for me it was a successful day.

Started with early morning devotions and shower BEFORE the kids even got up!  That is THE BEST way to start the day.  If I can do this before I hear any little pitter patter, it’s  a good start. 🙂

Then my little cowboy shared his devos with me.  It was about how important it is that we always remember God’s Word.  Good lesson to hear from my 7 year old boy.

Before breakfast I played a few rounds of Boggle with the “big kids”.  This, at times, will include my Audrey Joy.  She wanted to play boggle too.  She does so by writing down all the different letters that she sees.  Isn’t that cute?  🙂  I enjoyed sitting with Ms. Grace when she got up and doing a magnet book.  Our mornings are not usually this enjoyable or laid back…especially when we need to be out of the house by 9:45am!

A twinge of chaos and then off to gymnastics.  The three tiny ones, of which my Joy girl is sometimes a part of, had fun.  I had fun watching them.  My homeschoolers had a productive time there also.  The best part though was watching Andrew run around with glee shouting “baby! baby!”  He just could not get enough of those little baby girls.  He chased them all over the place!  Ms. Grace is being promoted to Tot 2 next week!  So that puts us at a gymnast in Tot 1, Tot 2, Tot 3, Boys Level 1 and Hot Shots Intermediate.  Whew – makes me tired just thinking of it all!

We got home and finished chores, had lunch, and then after some quiet time we actually finished our schoolwork.  I got to spend some extra time with my Joy girl.  It was fun…she surprises me with how much she enjoys learning.  Or maybe it’s just that she enjoys spending one on one time with me.  I guess she’ll take whatever she can get!

We finished the day with play time, pizza and a movie (with snuggles on the couch with Annalisa).  And a chapter of Nate Saint (and more snuggles with Annalisa).

I feel like it was a well rounded day.  I shared a special moment with each of the kids. Now THAT is an accomplishment! 

I wish it wasn’t such a big deal to “fit” this in, but sometimes at the end of the day, I think, “Did I spend a moment with each of my children individually?”  Unfortunately alot of the time the answer is “no”. But today, I can say YES!  THAT right there is what makes me feel like I accomplished something today. 

I’ve still got a kitchen (and dining room) full of dirty dishes, crumbs and greasy fingerprints.  Still have tons of laundry, stacks of papers, and unfinished tasks to complete.

But, my children know that they are loved and special, individually.

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Inspiring or just plain irritating?

I just came across my blog again today! Ha!

My last post was in October…a mere 3 months ago. (sarcasm)  Chris hasn’t been out of town, until yesterday.  He’s only in Phoenix til tonite.  He hasn’t had much work, so he took the opportunity to make some money, unfortunately he had to go to Phoenix to do it.  But, at least he has the opportunity to do so!

So I’ve just spent a little time reading through some other blogs, and wow – some people can really be inspiring!  That IS what I desire.  To be able to truly inspire others…to live life for Jesus, fully surrendered to Him.  To be a joy to those around them.  To enjoy the life they have been given.  As I write this, I feel my shoulders slump. Instead of inspiring others, I feel like I’ve allowed my stress, anxiety, or just plain fatigue were off on them.  Ugh. 

I was challenged tonite as I laid in bed with 4 of my children for prayers.  Blah, blah, blah the complaining and grumbling ringing in my head.  And then I thought…is this what I sound like to them?

Well, maybe I could blame it on a poor night’s sleep…or maybe I can blame it on not getting up early enough to have that SO NEEDED quiet time sitting with Jesus.  Either way, I am challenged and encouraged to get up first thing!

Over the last month in particular, I have been so much more “regular” and disciplined about getting up before the kids.  All 5 of them, and yes, indeed, this is a challenge!  I feel like they hear my bed squeak and they think it’s time to get up.  It makes no difference to them if it’s 5am or 8am!  But, very stealthily, I have been able to get up before them, and spend some true time in prayer, reading God’s Word, being still before Him.  I feel almost ashamed to say it, but I haven’t had this kind of devotional time for about 7 or 8 years.  It’s been a little here, a little there – whenever I could squeeze it in.  But this IS different.  It’s truly refreshing.  It’s good to sit with Jesus.  He is so good to me.

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.    Ephesians 6:10


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i don’t really know what to say

Really.  But I feel like I should say something.  Bebe (my affectionate term for my husband) has been gone for 10 days.  He will be back around midnight tomorrow.  This has been an extrememly difficult trip for me.  And I’m not sure exactly why.

Maybe because I’ve got 5 children, 7 years and younger.

Maybe because my mom wasn’t here to help.

Maybe because I’ve had PMS all week.  (Which I am not used to since I haven’t had much of that for about 8 years!)

Maybe because I (we) have been under spiritual attack as we move forward in our call to serve Jesus.

Maybe……….. any number or combinations of all of the above, and more.

But, I guess what it really boils down to, is I want to be able to serve the Lord here in my home, with my children, and honor Him as I do it. 

So, I will keep “soldiering on”. 

Lord, be my strength, be my vision, be my all in all.

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