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Treasure Quest

Well, this summer was our first time leading our church’s VBS.

Wow! What an amazing project!

Bebe goes all out when he’s got a project set before him, and this was certainly no different.  In fact, he may have even gone further on this!

Our theme was “Treasure Quest”.  He and a good friend built a “castle” with a working drawbridge…very cool.  The church’s patio was done up to be the King’s Courtyard, complete with a  blacksmith, carpenter, baker and tanner’s booth.  We had some fun medieval costumes and props.

Each day had a sub-theme, which was conveyed through everything…the object lesson, snack, craft, games and of course the Bible teaching.  It was really great.  I had fun leading the 2nd and 3rd graders around the campus for the various activities.  I also had the chance to create the “banquet hall” and come up with some fun snack ideas.  It surprised me to realize that this was the first time that I’ve helped with VBS, hands on, involved with the kids.  It was a blessing.  There were about 90 kids, and each one of them definately walked away from the campus learning something about our great and mighty King.

One of the coolest things about it all is the “Treasure Room” of the King.  Bebe’s vision is to have the kids store up God’s Word in their heart, understanding that it is God’s eternal Word that is our greatest treasure.  As the children return to church each week, and have memorized scripture, it “unlocks” the Treasury, where they can then enter and redeem a prize.   A sweet gentleman in the church went to work and built an amazing treasure chest to hold all the little treasures…from jump ropes, yo-yos, bracelets to matchbox cars.

And right here should be a picture of it, of which I do not have yet!

It’s awesome to see the excitement they have, and to say to them, “That’s cool! Tell me the memory verse you used to unlock the Treasury!” and then the quote a promise of God.  Really sweet.

“In the house of the righteous there is much treasure”. Proverbs 15:6


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